Almasa Capital Weekly Report: More increases expected in the region this week

The region witnessed disappointing gains for the second quarter, along with negative results on the global arena, which had a significant impact on weak performance in the markets last week.

Four out of eight regional indices ended the week higher, while the other four indexes fell as selling prices rose by the end of the week.

Saudi Arabia topped the list with a weekly gain of + 1.1%, followed by Egypt + 0.4%, Kuwait + 0.3% and Bahrain + 0.1%. Qatar was the worst performer during the week and fell -1.7%, followed by Oman -1.3%, followed by Abu Dhabi -1.0%, and Dubai -0.8%.

Based on the weekly Almasah Capital report, Crude Oil is still holding its price around the $ 50 mark, with a modest 0.6% drop during the week. It seems that maintaining these levels for a long time would enhance its cohesion. As global risk rose and regional markets fell, investors moved towards gold as a safe haven, rising 2.4% during the week, allowing positive performance since the beginning of the year to reach + 12.36%.

According to Almasah Capital experts, this week will see more announcements of corporate profits in the region, including Emaar and DAMAC. At the global level, markets will receive considerable attention, and weak volumes may exacerbate market volatility.

Indexes               Last           WTD (%)       MTD (%)      YTD (%)

Dubai (DFMGI) 3,647.33    -0.76%             0.39%              3.30%

Abu Dhabi (ADSMI) 4,550.93   -0.98%      -0.33%           0.10%

Saudi (SASEIDX)     7,164.64    1.12%         0.99%           -0.64%

Kuwait (KWSE)        6,845.01    0.28%        -0.10%           19.08%

Egypt (EGX30)          13,462.38   0.37%        0.32%           9.05%

Qatar (DSM)             9,242.82     -1.65%      -1.74%         -11.44%

Bahrain (BHSEIDX)   1,324.28    0.13%    -0.27%           8.51%

Oman (MSM30)          4.991.51    -1.31%    -0.65%       -13.68%

TR GCC (Reuters)       201.01     -0.59%     -0.44%         -0.78%

DJ MENA                      527.39       0.44%     0.54%          5.91%

About Almasah Capital:

Almasah Capital is one of the fastest growing alternative asset management and consulting firms in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Established in 2010, the company is based in Dubai, UAE, and provides its extensive client base with tailor-made solutions in private equity (healthcare, education, food processing, logistics and other service sectors), asset management and consulting Institutional and real estate consultancy as well as public market research services.

Through its centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Almasah provides its qualified investors with advice on their growth opportunities across markets in 13 countries in the Middle East and South East Asia.


Performance variation dominates local markets : MENA

The difference in performance dominates the local markets. Our news, quoting the statement, we publish to you the difference in performance dominates the local markets, the variation of performance dominates the local markets.

Our news The stock markets continued their solid performance yesterday amid mixed performance in the major indices, and the Dubai market rose to a 5-month high supported by Dubai Islamic and Emaar Properties, while the Abu Dhabi market fell under the pressure of the decline of “Abu Dhabi I “and “Etisalat”

The Dubai market rose 0.67%, or 24.3 points, to close at 3633.18. 198.3 million shares were traded at a value of 320 million AED through 3470 transactions. The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange was down 0.24% or 10.96 points to close at 4566.15 points. AED through 1045 transactions executed.

Liquidity levels rose again to jump to 445 million and more than 263 million shares were traded through 4515 transactions.

Akbar Nakafi, chief executive and head of asset management at Almasah Capital, said markets were still moving positively as the earnings season continued in the first half of this year.

Dubai bank shares rallied, with Dubai Islamic rising 1.84% to AED 6.08, with AED 39.5 million trading. Emirates NBD rose 1.5% to AED 8.14; Amlak Finance, By 1.79% to AED 1.14 .

Mr. Shailesh Dash wins Global Visionary CEO of the Year Award 2014

Al Masah Capital is one of the main option venture administration firms in the MENA and SE Asia area giving customized answers for its expansive customer base offering private value, resource administration, corporate and land admonitory and also open statistical surveying administrations. In the course of the most recent 4 years, Al Masah Capital has effectively raised over US$ 1 Billion.

Sorted out by The Leaders Magazine International Malaysia and The Federation of GCC Chambers, the fifth Middle East Business Leadership Awards 2014 held at the Armani Hotel Dubai, Burj Khalifa on fifth November, 2014, and was graced by different dignitaries and famous identities, big names and the Media.

This lofty occasion was conceptualized and settled by a group of worldwide experts, to perceive the accomplishments of the Mid-East and Asia’s specialty business visionaries, over all industry divisions and to respect their incredible commitments towards the worldwide and Gulf area’s financial advancement and other worldwide commitments that had brought them and their foundations to heavenly level of accomplishments. The honors incorporate beneficiaries from more than 10 nations hailing from Asia and the GCC districts separately.

Remarking on the honors, Mr. Dash stated, “It’s a respect to be named a champ in ‘Worldwide Visionary CEO Awards’. For me, this honor is a demonstration of Al Masah’s responsibility regarding convey to our financial specialist unrivaled venture openings. Then again, for an organization which concentrated on elective ventures, winning the ‘Center East Business Leadership Awards – Investment Sector’ underlines our solid responsibility regarding our speculators and partners.”

Mr. Dash likewise included, “In a brief timeframe Al Masah Capital has built up itself as one of the main Alternative Asset Management firms spent significant time in Healthcare, Education, Food and Beverage and Logistics. Al Masah’s main goal is to accomplish an authority position in the business sectors it works, create predominant returns for financial specialists and consistently benefit the group to the most elevated principles.”

GCC GDP on development way in the midst of patterns

Local economies have been on a quickened development direction for the period 2011-14, which has been primarily powered by record oil costs with the keeping money area being the biggest recipient of the monetary blast.

In a nitty gritty report gathered by Al Masah Capital Limited, non-center pay recuperation, a solid speculation drove acknowledge development coupled for a taking off populace were a portion of the key zones that were instrumental in supporting the accounting reports of the UAE and Saudi Arabia banks.

As per the report, add up to resources of the UAE banks developed at 10.2 percent CAGR amid the period from Dhs1,202.3 billion out of 2007 to Dhs2,610.8 billion out of 2016. Generally speaking, the bank resources development has quickened, post the surge saw amid 2013, developing by noteworthy edges amid the previous three years. In 2016, the normal month to month development was timed at 0.4 percent.

Regardless of repressed oil costs, client stores in the UAE developed at a CAGR of 9.1 percent from Dhs716 million to Dhs1,562.9 billion out of 2015.

Capital income were likewise enhanced fundamentally mostly because of open division stores, which thusly enhanced capital proportions for the loan specialists. Every one of these additions came against a setting of a liquidity support from the separate governments into the framework, a move that protected the territorial budgetary segment from the 2009 monetary emergency.

The territorial keeping money segment still remains a protect of residential loan specialists with cross-fringe nearness as yet confronting strict permitting limitations for outside banks. In any case, with expanded rivalry, nearby banks are on an impression development binge.